Do It Yourself – DISH SOAP

There are a TON of recipes for making your own dish soap. The recipe I am posting today is my favorite thus far!It is easy, cost effective, and the best of all, IT WORKS!I snatched this golden find from one of favorite bloggers found here

What do you need?

– 1 & 1/2 cup of VERY hot water

-1 tablespoon shredded bar soap (castile bar soap, ivory, or a homemade simple soap)
-1 tablespoon white vinegar
-1 tablespoon Super Washing Soda
-1/8 teaspoon tea tree oil (optional)

 My Personal Tweaks – 2 TBS of white vinegar & 1/8 lemon oil or lavender oil

Directions: Combine all you ingredients into a bowl and lightly mix; then add your hot water and stir the mixture until everything molded together and the soap has melted. The texture should be thickening a by now.

Let everything cool down and sit on a flat surface for about 4-8 hours and stir the mixture from time to time. (Letting it sit over night is fine)

Funnel the dish soap into a soap container (I use an old plastic bottle of Dawn)

Here is Andrea’s Video she made for making the soap.


 Q: What is castile soap? A: Castile soap is simply vegetable fat based soap. Olive oil soap, coconut oil soap anything like that is considered castile.

Q: What is Super Washing Soda? A: This is Baking Soda’s big bad brother. It is NOT the same as baking soda however. It comes in a big yellow box and it is done by Arm and Hammer.

Q: What is Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Oil, or Lavender Oil? A: These are essential oils. You can find them on the internet or at your health stores.

Q: I tried your experiment and the soap does not suds up. Did I do something wrong? A: NOPE it’s fine. Suds in dish soap as actually a side effect from the sulfate used in it. Seeing the suds does not mean it is cleaning. This does not suds up and it takes some getting used to, but it does work!

Q: This seems really runny. Did I do something wrong? A: Again, no. The dish soap is not as thick as dish soap. Some batches just come out extremely watery for some reason, but the product is still good. The cleaning power is still there. I’ve had a batch come out just being liquidy but it did the work all the same.

Q: What about this recipe makes it work. How do we know something is clean let alone disinfected? A: I asked this too! Vinegar is a natural cleaner and grease cutter. Smells horrible but it gets a job done! It’s also anti-bacterial. Tea Tree Oil plus other essential oils are also anti-bacterial fighting agents.


I have been using this for 6 or 7 months now and I have never ever looked at another bottle of dish soap ever again. Steven who is my super pessimistic tester praises this household item.


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  1. #1 by Steven on May 21, 2013 - 3:26 am

    I’m your super pessimistic tester, eh? I see how it is…

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