Homemade – Plain Yogurt (*In the Crock pot!*)

I have learned that making yogurt is a time-consuming practice. Not so much because of the prep time, but the time it needs to cure. The yogurt did not turn out like what you buy at the store, but it was really good! I could eat this plain with nothing added where store-bought stuff I can’t do that.

Here are the three blogs I checked out for DIY Crock pot Yogurt

Money Saving Mom

Thankfully Thrifty

Keeper of the Home

The winner was Keeper of the Home. I opted for the additional steps for thicker yogurt. Although I like them all!

What you need: 

-1 Crock pot
-Whole Milk
PLAIN yogurt (must have active cultures)

TIP: You want to use 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt to every 4 cups of milk. In the other blogs, their ration was 1/2 gallon of milk 1/2 cup of yogurt.

What to do:

At this point I am going to recommend to simply go to Keeper’s blog! DIY – Plain Yogurt The layout and pictures are wonderful. READ thoroughly before doing this project. The first time I tried it I missed a step and this turned out VERY runny. (Although good still.)


Q: How much time did you spend on this project. A: As I stated before this isn’t a hard project it just takes a lot of time to do.

Q: Can I use other types of milk? A: Some say yes and some say no. I have always used whole milk, BUT I think tonight I may just opt to try it out with 1%. I’ll let you all know how that goes.

Q: Can i use these recipes to create Greek yogurt? A: Greek yogurt is merely a strained version of regular yogurt so in theory yes! You need cheese cloth. You simply let the yogurt sit longer and drain.

Q: This yogurt is very runny did I do something wrong? A: No; this isn’t like store-bought yogurt. Manufacturing has done a number on us! To thicken it up you can drain the yogurt with cheese cloth.

Q: Can I use this yogurt in my cooking? A: Of course!

Q: What if I don’t want plain yogurt. A: Just add your desired flavoring after the yogurt has been created. Add whatever items you want! Get inventive! I love crunchy granola with mine.

Practice Makes Perfect. This is a project that needs practice.


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