Water & Making It… Yummy!

One of the biggest battles I have is getting myself to drink more water. I have a medical condition called Orthostatic Intolerance (have fun Googling that!) and it is very important that I stay hydrated especially in the warmer months. So I must drink water, but I water always seems to take on the taste of the container that it is in which means bottled water tastes like plastic to me. YUCK!

My solution had always been to just add some lemon to my water and then I ran across this blog and I had the biggest “why didn’t I ever think of that?” moments in a long time.

Take a look at this from The Yummy Life

Beautiful right?!

I have this wonderful old glass 2 quart jug sitting in my cabinets collecting dust.

What do you need for Yummy Water?

-Fruit (Get inventive)
-Filtered Water
-Something fun

What I did: My first run was Citrus. I took two large slices of Orange and two large slices of Lemon. Threw the slices in the jug and used my potato smasher to squish some of the juices out. The I piled on a bunch of ice cubes and filled up the jug with some filtered water from my Britta and let it sit for an hour.

I loved it. I didn’t need sugar and I didn’t need a ton of flavor but it gave it a nice filtered water with lights traces of orange and lemon. Wonderful and refreshing. I’d imagine a packet of splenda maybe nice for those needing it sweet.

Other Flavors I dig:

Strawberry and Apple Mint Leaves

Blackberry Sage

Orange, Lemon, Mint

Peppermint and Mango

Peach & Mango

Kiwi & Strawberry

Raspberry & Lime



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