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Do it yourself – Bug Repellents for the Home

I LOATHE bugs. I freak out about bugs. Bugs do not belong in my house. However it is inevitable that we get them.

What bugs do I have problems with? Ants, Earwigs, and Flies.


  • Apple Cider Vinegar mix with distilled water. I have this spray as a universal spray. It’s just 1/4 cup acv and water w/ some lavender oil. It kills ants, gnats, and spiders. The caustic kills the pests, and it’s good for your hair! 
  • Citrus reigns king. Take a little sachet and fill it with some lavender, mint, eucalyptus, cinnamon sticks, clove, bay leaf and lem0n basil for ants in drawers, closets, and pantries.  This goes for a whole line of other pests too like Moths! Plus it all smells yummy. 
  • Ant Poison. (WARNING: Although this isn’t an extremely toxic remedy to humans or pets it can be irritating to the stomach. So, keep pets away from this and children) What do you need? Borax 20 mule blue team, sticky sweet yumminess, index card. Thanks to Kitchen Stewardship  for this gem. I use Syrup on an index card and sprinkled the borax on it and set it in the path of my ants. They eat it and take the “Poison” home. Our Ant problem in the master and guest bedroom has dropped dramatically. (Thanks Heavens)


  • We have a horrible unnatural problem here with flies in Dela”Where”. It was never this bad in VA. So there is this HUGE cycle going on about how to build the cheap Mosquito trap from a 2-liter soda bottle. Well it’s not a new thing. The same general principle applies for flies too. Here is a nice blog post with illustrations on how to create said flies, mosquito and miscellaneous insect trap. (Even bugs attracted to LEDs) Thanks and The Walden Effect for great visual guides. 
  • Sticky Wicky Fly paper. I have not tried this yet, but from the blog I read this from I am very confident it should work. This evening I will give it a try!  Check out this nice DIY post from Coming Home To Roost
  • Good Old Fashioned Fly SwatterThis is for the humor factor. Hand your fly swatter to your three year old and tell him to be the big smasher. He’s quite good!
  • CATS and Dogs. Do you think I’m kidding? My cats are brilliant fly catchers. It’s also very entertaining to watch! Someday I’ll get it on video. My Dog is a good fly eater too. (YUCK!)


  • These guys aren’t horrible, but they are creepy. They are attracted to dark dank places. They help keep the slug population under control and birds help keep them under control. Bird Feeders around your garden. 
  • Shoe Box Trap. Poke decent size holes into a shoe box and add some oatmeal or bran to the bottom and set it out at night or in a dark place you have problems with. Check each morning and dump it out. Rolled up newspaper trap works too! 
  • Check weather stripping and seals around doors and windows. They come in from the outside, and they do not breed in doors. Making sure these things are done and sealed up helps. 
  • Cockroach Roach Traps. Add them to dark places and toss them when you have a few. 

The good thing is they don’t want your food they want plants and other bugs they eat. They come inside on accident, and they don’t hurt anything and disease isn’t a real issue with them. Best of all, again they do not breed in doors.





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NEWS – New DIY Experiments Forth Coming

Lately, the posts I have been putting out there are from my “notes” on Facebook that I would publish for my friends. So technically none of these experiments are really “news”

That is about to change very soon!

I have an agenda this weekend to try some very simple techniques and experiments that I hope will solve some problems I’m having . Here are some things to look forward to.

  1. Ant control / Ant killer 
  2. Bug control for my plants
  3. Bug Skin Repellent
  4. Mildew Killer
  5. Slug deterant/killer
  6. Homemade Reed Diffuser
  7. Homemade Drain Cleaner

I hope to come back to some very successful experiments! I have ants invading my bed room, bugs eating my herbs and plants (I think some are slugs), mildew on my pocket shower curtain that needs to go away. Reed diffusers are much cheaper than a glade plug in and my bathroom sink is draining super slow. Tomorrow we have a cook out to attend and those pesky bugs think I’m as sweet as sugar; so I think it’s a great time to try some things out!

Until Next Time! Have a wonderful Weekend!!!

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